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What are the steps the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, advise you to take after an auto accident?

What our firm has learned through experience is that most people, very honest people, who have been in a serious accident are usually able to get out of the vehicle. They have so much adrenaline coursing through their body that their body and brain will not allow them to start to feel pain immediately one way or another. Victims may start to feel some pain if they are there long enough, say 30 minutes or so. However, unless they have a broken bone or very serious injury, many people, even if they are in pain, will not even notate to an officer or to a paramedic that they are having a medical issue.

We have learned that doing this is the worst thing a person can possibly do. They should tell the truth. If they are having any pain, say exactly what the pain is, even if it is slight discomfort. Later on, if they do not, it will come up in the argument from the other side that there were no comments or complaints of pains or injuries at the scene.

Another thing that is very important is to take photos at the scene. They should take photos of where their car is and the damage to both cars. If the cars have been left where the accident occurred, take photos immediately and take as many as possible, because those cannot be replaced. More than likely, in the future, somebody is going to argue as to which way the cars were positioned, and a picture says a thousand words. Those would be the most important things to do just after an automobile accident occurs.

Why does someone need an attorney for an auto accident?

The bottom line is that the insurance companies will try to resolve cases without attorneys, and it will come down to possibly offering a sum of money to try and resolve it initially. Usually, the reason that auto accident attorneys are used is to protect your interests. The first thing is many times, if you are in a serious automobile accident, you may not know for months if an injury is going to resolve or go away, or if it is going to get substantially worse.

For example, you may suffer from a herniated disc as a result of an accident. You could have a tear in the disc wall, but the material inside the disc will not start to leak out for quite some time. As it leaks out, you could start to get severe pains and actual pressing and crushing of a nerve, which is a very severe injury. All these things take time, and the representation of an attorney to protect your interests as to how the case will go forward is imperative from the beginning all the way through your case. An experienced auto accident attorney will advise you what your rights are, one way or another.

You were just an individual who was in an accident and you are being contacted by the other person’s insurance company or your own insurance company. They are contacting you to get as much information as they can which, obviously, will be as an end result favorable to their resolution. Those are issues that come up in almost every case. Everyone has the right to know what their rights are and be represented so that they are on equal footing with the insurance company.

What does a person need to bring to their initial consultation at the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA?

The initial consultation should involve any type of insurance information they have of their own and the other driver’s, any photos that were taken at the scene, or of the vehicles, or of their injuries, and the names of any witnesses. If they have a police report, they should bring that along together with any medical treatment records they have to date. A list of the places where they have been medically treated previous to seeing the attorney should also be made available so those records can be obtained.

Why should someone choose the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA to represent a family in an auto accident?

The background knowledge of the opposing side and the amount of experience our firm has in the injury field makes us qualified to serve clients as efficiently as possible. Vero Beach Auto accident attorney Bregoff handles all cases personally. He deals with his clients directly in every aspect of the case from beginning to end. We feel this makes a more successful result for the cases of people who come to our firm.

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