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Construction Zone on Interstate-95 Prone to Auto Accident Statistics

Traffic along the Interstate-95 between Vero Beach and the north Indian County line may soon flow smoothly after the ongoing road widening project has been completed. But in the meantime, law enforcers have noticed a significant increase in the number of auto accidents around the construction site. In fact, three major car crashes recently occurred on this stretch of road over a three week period.

The most devastating crash involved 2 cars and a truck that resulted in 3 deaths. Authorities are looking more closely at the immediate causes of these types of accidents and exploring measures to prevent them from happening again.

Auto Accident Statistics

Around 42,000 motorists use the Interstate-95 near Vero Beach everyday. Law enforcers say that there were about 300 auto accidents on this road in 2015, a huge jump from the reported 256 crashes in 2014. The car accidents tend to occur around construction zones, and rainy conditions further raise the chances of an auto accident, which is why many people can feel nervous about traveling on this road.

The increase in vehicular accidents is attributed to the construction of new lanes on the I-95 which is expected to be completed in late 2016. Until then, FDOT officials strongly recommend that drivers taking this road stay alert, drive defensively, and maintain slower driving speeds.

Claiming Compensation for Auto Accident

A car crash can lead to serious physical injuries that require treatment and time off from work. Other injuries such as head injury and other internal injuries are not always apparent and you may walk away looking unscathed. Always seek immediate treatment or have a full examination after you experience a car accident.

If you are injured, you can claim compensation from a negligent third party’s insurance company. Compensation can cover your medical bills, lost income or earnings, and damages for your pain and suffering. But avoid dealing with the other driver’s insurance company by yourself. Former insurance lawyer Keith Bregoff knows how insurance companies minimize the amounts they pay out for injury claims, depriving injured persons of the chance to fully recover. It is important to call a Vero Beach car and personal injury attorney who can assess your situation and handle the claims process for you.

In Vero Beach, Florida, the Law Office of Keith Bregoff is backed by more than a decade of insurance practice and can handle different types of personal injury cases such as auto accident, dog bite injury, and wrongful death. Getting help is easy. We encourage you to call for a free consultation with one of our attorneys at (772) 492-8967.

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