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Semi-trucks, also called semi-trailer trucks, big rigs, and eighteen-wheelers, are a regular part of the national economy and Florida’s commerce stream.  But these massive machines pose a threat to other drivers on Florida roadways if they are operated negligently. Whether due to faulty safety equipment, negligent hiring, unsafe driving, driver fatigue, or some other cause, if a big rig crashes into your car, you are likely to suffer serious injury or worse.  If a negligent trucking company or truck driver injures you or your loved ones in an accident, a dedicated Vero Beach semi-truck accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff can help you recover for your damages and get you the compensation you are owed.

Semi-Truck Crashes Are Much More Likely to be Fatal Than Car Crashes

Collisions with trucks are much more likely to lead to serious injury or death than other car accidents.  Semi-trucks are massive machines, often hauling hazardous chemicals or large equipment. If a truck’s haul spills or sends debris like construction equipment flying, the risk of serious injury is compounded.  Moreover, the sheer size of eighteen-wheelers means that any accident is going to be more forceful, leading to flipped cars, smashed property, fires, and other hazards.

According to reports from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 119,000 injury crashes across the country involving large trucks or buses in 2016.  180,000 people were injured in those accidents. In the same year, 4,629 people were killed in large truck or bus accidents. The number of truck crash fatalities jumped to 5,005 in 2017.  Whatever safety measures and equipment semi-truck drivers and trucking companies are supposed to be implementing, they are clearly not working.

Dangerous Trucking Practices Are a Hazard to Other Drivers

The vast majority of the people killed in semi-truck crashes are not the drivers or passengers of the trucks themselves.  Less than 20% of the people killed in truck accidents are inside the truck; the remaining 80+ % are other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  Truckers are protected by the sheer mass of their vehicles, while everyone outside is exposed to the full force of the impact if a semi is operated negligently.  A passionate semi-truck accident attorney can help you hold truckers and truck drivers accountable if their actions cause you or your family serious injury.

Proving the Trucking Company and the Driver Were At Fault

Our seasoned Vero Beach semi-truck accident lawyers know the rules and regulations of the trucking industry, and we know the most current safety equipment and practices that truckers should be utilizing when operating on Florida roadways.  We know how to determine if a truck driver or trucking company was operating negligently and how to prove that their negligence led to your accident and your injury. Whether a trucking company hired unsafe drivers or employs unsafe practices such as letting their drivers work overlong hours, or a truck driver simply drove in an unsafe manner, a dedicated Vero Beach semi-truck accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff is ready to bring their decades of trial experience to bear in proving your case and securing compensation for your damages.

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