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Deadly Overpass Is Common Site of Truck Accidents

The Interstate 95 overpass in Boca Raton has gained notoriety for being the same location of a number of semi-truck crashes. Just recently, a tractor-trailer struck a concrete center median along this road and overturned on its right side, dangerously dangling against the bridge wall. A tow truck worker who tried to secure the overturned truck unfortunately fell to his death from the overpass.

History of Truck Crashes

The overpass has seen at least 6 serious truck accidents over the past 5 years. Just months before this incident, a tractor-trailer crashed through the concrete barrier on the overpass and dangled dangerously above motorists along the I-95.

Driver factors such as speeding, driver fatigue, non-compliance with truck driving regulations and failing to negotiate a turn have been linked to most truck crashes in the area.

Factors in Truck Accidents

The Florida Department of Transportation also said that some drivers fail to observe road signs and pavement markings or slow down to negotiate turns in a safe manner. The FDOT said that it plans to post warning signs for drivers to be aware of the hard right turn approaching the overpass and for drivers to reduce speed as they approach a stoplight. It will also paint additional pavement markings showing turn arrows and “exit lane only” messages to reinforce the need to slow down.

Truck crashes pose risks of severe and even fatal injuries to other motorists, passengers and pedestrians due to the massive size and weight of these commercial vehicles. Many truck wreck victims suffer traumatic injuries that require expensive medical treatment and ongoing care and rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash involving a truck or semi-truck, you may be concerned about getting compensation from the party whose carelessness or negligence caused your injuries. Talk to an experienced Vero Beach personal injury attorney about your situation.

Consult an Attorney for Truck Injury

Pursuing compensation for truck crash injury can be a challenge as various factors may be linked to the crash. Your Vero Beach truck accident injury lawyer can examine all the details of the accident and determine the party or parties who may be legally responsible for your injuries. Depending on the circumstances, a claim may be filed against the truck driver, the trucking company, or the local government who may have failed to put warning signs and appropriate road markings at the site of the crash.

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