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Who Is Eligible to File a Wrongful Death Suit in Florida?

By Keith Bregoff |

At the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, our Vero Beach wrongful death attorney understands just how hard it is to lose a loved one to negligence. Whether your loss occurred during a car accident, motorcycle crash, truck collision, or another personal injury, the sudden death of a loved one that is caused by… Read More »

Determining the Value of a Back Injury After a Vero Beach Accident

By Keith Bregoff |

At the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, our Vero Beach, Florida personal injury attorney knows how important your health is to your livelihood. When our clients suffer severe injuries during an auto, pedestrian, motorcycle, or truck accident, they need help recovering the financial losses that accompany their medical care expenses, lost wages, and… Read More »

Beware of Hidden Injuries Caused by Vero Beach Car Accidents

By Keith Bregoff |

With more cars, more drivers, and more distractions interrupting our travel patterns, over six million car accidents are reported each year on our U.S. roadways that range in severity from fender benders to deadly collisions. During these crashes, more than three million people are injured in traffic collisions each year; two million of whom… Read More »

What Are the Most Common Causes of Fatal Car Accidents in Florida?

By Keith Bregoff |

Florida is home to just over 21 million residents but plays host to nearly 112 million domestic visitors each year, most of whom arrive by car. Distracted drivers, excited by their vacation time with family and friends, can cause serious collisions on our roadways. Unfortunately, each year, thousands of these collisions are deadly. At… Read More »

Young Children are at a Greater Risk for Serious Dog Bite Injuries

By Keith Bregoff |

The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, our Vero Beach, Florida dog bite attorneys represent individuals and families who have suffered injuries sustained by a dog. Whether a dog bites once, or during a sustained attack, the injuries can be devastating — especially when it is a child who has been bitten. According to… Read More »

The Inherent Dangers of Being A Pedestrian In Florida

By Keith Bregoff |

Pedestrians are one and a half times more likely than vehicle occupants to be killed in a car crash, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Because of the size and weight of a motor vehicle, compared to a person on foot, this ratio is not completely surprising. Any time a car collides with… Read More »

Adjusting To Life With A Traumatic Brain Injury After A Florida Accident

By Keith Bregoff |

Over two and a half million people visit emergency rooms each year throughout the United States for brain injuries, according to a Centers for Disease Control study. These visits are often the result of car accidents, motorcycle crashes, truck collisions, and pedestrian accidents; all of which can change lives in seconds. At the Law… Read More »

Why Do Florida Motorcycle Accident Injury Victims Need An Attorney?

By Keith Bregoff |

With over half a million motorcycles registered in the State of Florida, it is a common occurrence to see riders on highways, on neighborhood streets, and on rural roads enjoying the freedom that comes with their journey. At The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff PA, our Vero Beach, Florida motorcycle accident attorney knows that… Read More »

The Importance of Getting Legal Help After A Spinal Cord Injury Accident In Florida

By Keith Bregoff |

Spinal cord injuries can lead to devastating, life-long and costly medical care, which can overwhelm a family’s finances without notice. The sensitive nature of these injuries can impact the quality of life of the victim from the moment the accident occurs, changing the way they work, live, and enjoy each day. One of the… Read More »

Vero Beach Rear-End Accidents Can Result In Serious Injuries

By Keith Bregoff |

Getting help after suffering serious accident injuries in a Vero Beach rear-end collision should not cause more stress than the crash itself. At the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff PA, our personal injury attorney has over 25 years of experience pursuing financial recovery for injury victims throughout Indian River County. And as a former… Read More »

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