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Former Insurance Company Attorney with Over 25 Years of Trial Experience

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  • I’m very happy with the outcome of my case. Keith is an amazing lawyer. I’d highly recommend him to anyone.

    Kristina H.
  • Keith Bregoff exceeded all my expectations after my auto accident back in October. He is very personable and gets to know his clients and is very prompt when responding back to me when I had any questions, he walked me through every step of the process. He got the insurance company to tender the full amount for medical extremely fast. I would highly recommend his services for anyone in an auto accident.

    Melissa S.
  • Keith has been an outstanding attorney ! Not only has he been able to recover a full tender of not one but two policies in my unfortunate accident but he has remained in contact with me throughout the entire process! I have never had an issue contacting him at any time in reference to any situation ! After my experience with his offices and service I will never look too any other law office for any case or situation !!! Thank you for all of your help Keith !!!

    Gary B.
  • Keith represented my wife Purisima after a serious accident we couldn’t be more pleased with Keith’s service and attention. We thank him for all he did. -Chris

    Sarah B.
  • Mr. Bregoff is a wonderful attorney. He kept me informed with everything that was going on and was very professional throughout the whole process. He was also able to get two insurance companies to tender their FULL policy amount and lower my medical bills that were not covered by my insurance. The person that caused the accident did not have medical coverage.

    I highly recommend Keith Bregoff!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Amber D.
  • Mr. Bregoff came highly recommended after I suffered a terrible car accident. Not having been in a situation of this nature before, not feeling well, and very worried, Mr. Bregoff took excellent care of me, my case, and made every effort to protect my rights and my health. He explained everything clearly each step of the way, was patient, respectful, and supportive when I had questions or concerns. I particularly appreciated the quality and level of care, person to person service wanting what was best for me, my health, my case, and making sure I get the best settlement possible! I wanted a good attorney to help me, but fortunately, I ended up with the BEST attorney! Mr. Bregoff will be our family’s attorney for as long as he is in practice. Thank you Keith!!!

    Momo M.
  • Keith did an amazing job keeping us informed at every step in the process, answering our MANY questions and helping us through a very trying time. Great attorney!!!

    Paul R.
  • Answers calls promptly and compassionate best attorney I’ve ever dealt with

    Stephanie D.
  • Keith Bregoff is an excellent attorney. He worked very hard for my wife and I. He was supportive and always encouraged us to be positive throughout the legal process. He produced excellent results and we recommend him and would retain him again.

    Lowell M.
  • I was recently a client of Mr. Bregoff’s and to say the least the guy did a excellent job. I recently settled on a personal injury lawsuit through mediation due to Mr. Bregoffs skillful negotiation tactics. It was a big win considering the insurance company I was against tried to argue that I was completely at fault through to the end. Mr. Bregoff did all the necessary research and depositions before the mediation. While at the Mediation, Mr. Bregoff let loose a torrent of facts and points that cornered the insurance company I was against into showing me the money…

    I am not a lawyer. I didn’t go to school and study law. I have no previous knowledge of other lawyers to compare him to… But what I do know is that Mr. Bregoff was always professional and down to earth. He explained what was happening and what the pros and cons were of each decision. He would always let me know if there was something happening in regards to my case. Then he would ask me how I wanted to proceed, so I did not make mis-informed decisions. Only offering up his oppinion if needed.

    If ever there was a guy who you needed on your team when it seemed like there was no one to turn to Bregoff is your man. I assure you, you will not make the wrong choice if ever you choose to use his services. to sum it all up though… The guy wants what is best for you and does everything in his power to see you win your case. Hopefully in the future I have no reason to be his client again but if mis-fortune did strike with out a doubt I would enlist his services once again.

    Keith M.
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