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Auto Accident Claims in Vero Beach, Florida

Auto accidents can be frightening, disorienting, and painful experiences—not to mention expensive. Serious car accidents often mean lost work and, in severe cases, can mean an inability to return to your prior job. Even with health insurance coverage, the bills from doctor visit co-pays, transportation to and from doctor’s offices, and medical equipment purchases can quickly add up.

Help for Florida traffic accident victims

After a crash, getting the money you deserve can involve a contentious battle with insurers, even the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit. When you’re still struggling to return to life as normal after you or your loved one has been badly injured in a crash, you may not have the time or energy to gather evidence and fill out complicated paperwork on tight deadlines. Don’t fight for the compensation you’re owed without seasoned legal help. Get compassionate, professional legal help with your Florida auto accident claim by contacting the experienced and professional auto accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff for a free consultation.

Auto Accident Contents:

Our personal injury attorney in Vero Beach, Florida handles cases in the following practice areas:

What you can do after a crash to support your claim?

Claims for auto accidents rely on detailed evidence and record-keeping on behalf of the victims. A seasoned attorney will be able to help you know which documents you need to produce to succeed in a claim for damages, but there are steps you can take after an accident to strengthen your claim, both in the immediate wake of a crash and in the days and weeks that follow. You can support your Florida auto accident claim by:

  • Taking photos at the scene of the accident: Experts in accident analysis and recreation can tell a great deal about how an accident occurred based on photos from the scene of an accident. If it’s safe, take photos of the position of the cars involved in the crash, any tire marks on the road or damage to guardrails, and the damage to each car.
  • Keeping a log of phone calls: Any time you speak to a doctor’s office, insurance adjuster, or the police department, write down when the conversation occurred, the name of the person with whom you spoke, and the substance of the conversation.
  • Maintaining careful records of your accident-related expenses: Proving the amount you’re owed for your expenses related to the crash depends on your ability to prove those expenses with bills and receipts. Keep a file that includes all your bills from auto repairs, doctor co-pays, logs from travel to and from the doctor’s office, any prescriptions you’ve filled or medical equipment you’ve purchased, such as bandages, crutches, or safety equipment.

Call Attorney Keith Bregoff after a Vero Beach Car Accident

For experienced help getting the full amount, you deserve after a Stuart car crash, contact a dedicated, seasoned, and trial-ready personal injury lawyer at the Vero Beach Law Offices of Keith Bregoff at 772-492-8967.

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