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Can Traffic Camera Footage Help Prove Negligence After a Florida Auto Accident?

There is an average of six million traffic accidents each year in the United States.

Some are fender benders, some head-on collisions, and other catastrophic auto accidents that completely change or take lives.

When determining negligence, which is necessary to pursue the damages caused by the crash, our Vero Beach, Florida personal injury lawyer will investigate the collision using the police report, witness statements, vehicle damage, and a crash site analysis to get the full scope of how the accident occurred. And, more importantly, who was responsible.

We will also scour all of our clients’ car, truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident scenes for video camera footage that may quickly and effectively allow us to assess the negligent actions — or inactions — that caused their injuries.

What Type of Video Footage Can Be Used to Strengthen My Florida Personal Injury Claim?

In 2020, there is a camera recording seemingly everything, everywhere.

Because so many people use their cellphones to take pictures or videos of everyday happenings, there may be a chance that your collision was caught by someone near the scene.

Some of the most common video footage that may tell the story of your accident may include:

  • ATM cameras
  • Cellphones
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Gas station cameras
  • Traffic cameras
  • Vehicle recording devices
  • Video surveillance cameras

Since we will have the exact date and time of your collision, our auto accident attorney in Vero Beach will survey the area where the crash occurred and search for cameras on public, private, commercial, and government properties to determine if there is any compelling video footage available that will strengthen your case.

Once we determine there may be footage that can help prove negligence occurred during the accident, we will legally research, request, and review the video footage from the owner, with their permission.

It will then be presented as part of our case during settlement negotiations with the insurance company or while at trial to pursue the best outcome for our clients’ personal injury claim.

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