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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida?

By Keith Bregoff |

At The Law Offices Of Keith Bregoff, our personal injury attorney in Vero Beach understands that if you have been hurt in a traffic collision, like an auto, truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident in Florida, you may be too injured to work, leaving you without a paycheck for weeks or even months. Depending on… Read More »

Changes in Law Would End Florida’s No-Fault Car Insurance System

By Keith Bregoff |

A new bill before the Florida House of Representatives would end the state’s no-fault auto insurance system, transitioning to a fault-based system and changing the state’s car insurance requirements. Learn more about the potential changes to the law, and contact a Vero Beach car accident attorney with questions after an Indian River County car… Read More »

How Much Will A Personal Injury Lawyer In Stuart, Florida Cost

By Keith Bregoff |

There is no doubt that when you hire a personal injury lawyer Stuart Florida, you will have to pay. The amount you have to pay to get justice for your case varies greatly. There are several factors that can determine the prices and fees that may be applicable. Normally, there are several different ways… Read More »

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