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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida?

At The Law Offices Of Keith Bregoff, our personal injury attorney in Vero Beach understands that if you have been hurt in a traffic collision, like an auto, truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident in Florida, you may be too injured to work, leaving you without a paycheck for weeks or even months.

Depending on the circumstances of your collision, and the extent of your injuries, the financial instability that comes with being out of work can be severely compounded by medical bills and out of pocket expenses that will begin to mount almost immediately.

With overwhelming financial stress, how is it possible to hire a Vero Beach personal injury attorney to help you pursue the proper financial recovery to get your life back on track?

We can help provide straightforward answers to how much it costs to hire a personal injury attorney in Florida, so you know what to expect at the conclusion of your case.

First Things First: Personal Injury Consultations Should Always Be Free

If you have been hurt in an accident, you should never have to pay an experienced Vero Beach personal injury Lawyer to review your case.

At The Law Offices Of Keith Bregoff, we provide free, comprehensive consultations, so you know whether your case is eligible to move forward with an attorney by your side.

Next: Most Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Represent Clients on a Contingency Basis

Most personal injury lawyers in Vero Beach Florida — including ours — take eligible cases on a contingency basis, which means if your case does not end in a financial settlement or successful jury verdict, the client is not responsible for our legal representation fees.

Be Advised: Other Fees May Apply to Your Unique Case

It is important to note that even if your attorney fees are waived if your case is unsuccessful, some law firms provide several services while the case is being processed, including filing fees, court costs, and additional expenses for costs absorbed during the claim.

These expenses may need to be paid from your financial recovery at the end of your case, in addition to the attorney fees.

Be sure to read the contingency fee contract closely before signing, so you know what to expect once your settlement or jury verdict is finalized.

What Type of Compensation Will My Florida Personal Injury Attorney Pursue on My Behalf?

All personal injury claims are unique and require an experienced personal injury attorney Vero Beach to outline the full financial requirements associated with your injuries.

The damages sought during a personal injury case may include:

  • Medical, rehabilitation, and therapy costs
  • Lost wages and diminished working capacity
  • Household modifications and adaptive technologies
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering

Hiring the right Vero Beach personal injury attorney will play an impactful role in the success of your case.

If you have been hurt in a collision, contact our experienced personal injury lawyers in Vero Beach at The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, P.A. today by calling (772) 492-8967 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our process and customized legal solutions.

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