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How Much Will A Personal Injury Lawyer In Stuart, Florida Cost

There is no doubt that when you hire a personal injury lawyer Stuart Florida, you will have to pay. The amount you have to pay to get justice for your case varies greatly. There are several factors that can determine the prices and fees that may be applicable.

Normally, there are several different ways in which an attorney can charge. There are hourly rates, retainers, flat fees, and contingent fees. Asking ahead of time before you hire the attorney is the best way to confirm how much money you may be charged.

Hourly rates are the most common way that attorneys charge their clients. The rate per hour that is charged will depend not only on how many years of experience they have but also on typical overhead expenses due to the location of the legal office. You will pay more money for a lawyer who has more experience. Often, it will be worth the cost in order to have a better chance of winning your suit and receiving compensation.

Flat fees are sometimes assessed for a case that is very simple for a lawyer to handle. Good examples of cases where you may find a flat fee are uncontested divorces, wills, or simple bankruptcy cases. If your attorney suggests a flat fee, make sure you also discuss what will be included in that fee and what you may need to pay for as extra charges.

When it comes to a retainer fee, these are not as commonly used for general legal practice. There are some cases where they will expect payment in advance for their services. A retainer is not necessarily monies that you will get back after your case is settled.

You may find that an attorney will offer to work on your case on a contingency basis. In this instance, you will not pay anything upfront, but the money for their fees will be taken out of your settlement. The most common percentage that is charged by attorneys who use this method, is around one-third of your total settlement amount received after they have successfully litigated the case.

As you begin to look for your personal injury lawyer Stuart Florida, at The Law Office of Keith Bregoff asks about the fees in the initial consultation. Fees can vary significantly both the type of fee you will pay and the amount.

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