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Who is Liable for Florida Motorcycle Passenger Injuries After a Collision?

At the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, our motorcycle accident attorney in Vero Beach knows that when Florida motorcycle passengers are injured in a collision, the approach to financial compensation may be different than the average single-rider case.

Our personal injury attorney in Vero Beach, Florida helps injured motorcycle passengers understand that while the rider is the one who has control over how the bike is operated, their vulnerable position on the back of the bike may lend itself to liability being sought from more than one source after a crash.

Here is what Florida motorcycle passengers need to know after they are injured in a crash.

Establishing Liability for Florida Motorcycle Passenger Injuries

Every Florida motorcycle accident claim is different and requires a complete investigation of how and why the crash occurred, so we can pursue the proper person or parties for our client’s full financial recovery.

When we represent an injured motorcycle passenger, some avenues of liability we may explore include the:

  • Motorcycle’s operator
  • Another car/truck/motorcycle operator involved in the crash, when applicable
  • Owner of the motorcycle or other vehicle, when different from the operator
  • The manufacturer of the motorcycle, its parts, or protective gear when defects led to the crash

No matter who was at fault for the crash that hurt our passenger client, it is important to prove negligence was the factor that led to the collision and its injuries.

If no other vehicles were involved, and the bike was not defective in any way, we can file a claim against the motorcycle’s operator by establishing negligence by failing to use reasonable care, which resulted in the crash that caused our client’s injuries.

That may include negligent behavior including speeding, reckless riding, violating other traffic laws, or riding while intoxicated.

At the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, our Vero Beach motorcycle accident attorneys want each of our injured passenger clients to understand that even when we pursue the operator for their financial recovery, it is actually their insurance policy that we are targeting, so they do not have to jeopardize their relationship by pursuing the individual directly.

If more than one vehicle was involved, we may pursue both parties to ensure our clients have access to all financial compensation recovery options.

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