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Why Do Florida Motorcycle Accident Injury Victims Need An Attorney?

With over half a million motorcycles registered in the State of Florida, it is a common occurrence to see riders on highways, on neighborhood streets, and on rural roads enjoying the freedom that comes with their journey.

At The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff PA, our Vero Beach, Florida motorcycle accident attorney knows that this freedom can come at a cost when negligent drivers share the roadways with motorcycle riders.

Because of the severe impact a car, truck or SUV causes when colliding with a motorcyclist, the injuries riders endure after a crash can be life-changing, and even deadly. If you have been involved in an Indian River County motorcycle accident, you are going to need an experienced attorney to help you pursue the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Here’s why.

Reason Number One: You Need Evidence To Prove The Other Driver Was At Fault

Motorcyclists are often blamed for any collision they are involved in, no matter which way the evidence points. While this is unfair, it is a reality.

Our Florida motorcycle accident lawyer will take the lead in conducting an independent investigation that bolsters our case, including:

  • Reconstructing the crash
  • Collecting and preserving evidence from the scene
  • Interviewing witnesses and law enforcement officials who were present at the crash site
  • Reviewing traffic patterns and street camera footage
  • Partnering with accident reconstruction specialists
  • Evaluating your full medical records and long-term care needs

Reason Number Two: You Will Need To File A Claim Against The Negligent Party

To recover the medical costs, lost wages, property damages, and miscellaneous expenses that resulted from your crash, you must file a lawsuit against the negligent driver who caused your injuries.

This is not going to be easy on your own.

Building your unique case, obtaining reports, discovering supporting evidence, and handling court filings is just the start of our Florida motorcycle accident attorney’s job.

Our experience inside and outside the courtroom has produced exceptional results for our clients, and we can pursue the same financial recovery success for you and your family.

Reason Number Three: There Will Be Insurance Companies To Contend With

Our financial recovery success starts with pursuing the negligent driver’s insurance company for a financial settlement. Insurance companies will work hard to dispute, delay, devalue, or even deny your claim, no matter how hurt you are.

At The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff PA, our motorcycle accident attorney in Florida will not let them take advantage of you. And when push comes to shove, we will litigate your injury needs in court to ensure we are pursuing the best results for your unique case.

If You Have Been Hurt In A Motorcycle Accident In Florida, Call Our Law Firm Today.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a motorcycle accident, contact our experienced Vero Beach personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff PA today by calling (772) 228-4664 to schedule a free consultation. We will protect your rights throughout the legal process, so you never have to face the negligent driver or their insurance company alone.


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