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Vero Beach Area Motorcycle Accidents Show How Vulnerable Motorcyclists Are to Serious Injuries & Death

Last month, a motorcyclist died in Vero Beach when he was struck by a motorist who pulled in front of him in the intersection of 8th Street and Indian River Boulevard. The motorcyclist was struck on the side and ejected from his motorcycle. He was pronounced dead at Indian River Medical Center. Also in October, a Broward County man was critically injured and lost at least one leg after falling from his motorcycle on I-95 and then being ran over by a passing semi-truck. Finally, on October 5, a Lauderdale Lakes motorcycle accident left a man critically injured after an impact so severe, his motorcycle was torn in half.

Florida is Number 1 in the Nation for Motorcycle Accidents

According to the most recent motorcycle accident data, Florida leads the nation in motorcycle accident fatalities. In 2015, 606 motorcyclists died, a number that climbed 30% since 2014. By comparison, the number of motorcycles registered in Florida only rose by about 3% during the same period. Equally as alarming, motorcycles account for only 3% percent of registered vehicles in Florida, but they are involved in 20% of vehicle fatalities in the state. Broward County ranked third for most motorcycle accident deaths at 42, out of all Florida counties.

According to AAA, the most frequent causes of fatal motorcycle crashes are impaired driving, speeding, and not wearing a helmet. (In the third motorcycle accident mentioned above, police said the motorcyclist most likely would have been killed had he not been wearing a helmet.) In Florida, it’s legal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but it puts motorcyclists in danger because they don’t have the protection of a car. However, because it’s not a violation to go helmetless, the fact a motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet should not affect the outcome of a personal injury claim if an accident was caused by another motorist’s negligent, reckless, or illegal driving behavior.

Because a motorcycle accident can result in such severe injuries for the motorcyclist, it’s important to pursue fair compensation from at-fault drivers and any other liable parties. A strong legal recovery can go far toward one’s physical recovery.

Talk to an Experienced Broward County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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