Personal Injury Lawyer in Vero Beach, FL

What is a personal injury?

A personal injury usually encompasses anything from, in a worst-case scenario, a wrongful death claim where somebody was injured to the point that they passed away, to the realm of different areas of automobile accidents where you were not at fault for the accident and you were injured. Personal injury also includes a dog bite injury where you were bitten or attacked by a dog, or a trip and fall or slip and fall case in which you were not at fault and, for whatever reason, you had fallen or tripped at a specific premises and injured yourself. Then lastly, you also have marine accidents, where somebody was injured in a boat through no fault of their own and has sustained injuries.

What difference does an attorney make on a personal injury case?

The actual background knowledge, experience and training of an attorney can make a large difference as to how a case proceeds and how a case resolves. The opposing side, being a prosecutor in a criminal case, or an insurance defense attorney or insurance adjuster in a personal injury case, already knows the background and experience of an attorney they are dealing with in these cases. They look into it. They ask questions, and they come to find out exactly what this person knows. Has he had trial experience, both in the criminal field for a criminal case or injury cases in the civil realm? Also, the rapport you have with these prosecutors or insurance adjusters or insurance defense attorneys, as to how you relate to them can prove beneficial. In most cases, our firm does not like to be argumentative. It is very clear in the time that we have been practicing in this area of law, since 1991, that sugar gets you a lot farther along than vinegar. You can retaliate in a proper way and inform the prosecution or an insurance adjuster or insurance attorney exactly how this case will probably go along without offending someone. Most of the time, if cases are handled in that perspective, you will end up with a positive outcome for the circumstances of a case.

What type of cases does the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, handle for personal injury?

The cases our firm handles include death due to an injury, auto accident cases, trip and fall cases, dog bite injury cases, airplane accident cases, and marine/boat accidents.

When did the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, first start taking on personal injury clients?

Well, our firm actually started in the personal injury field in 1995, working on the defense side. Then the decision was made to represent people who were injured and make our own decisions on moving forward with cases, and how to handle cases against the insurance company. We now have two offices.

What would someone need to bring with them to the first initial consultation with the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA?

As it relates to personal injury, depending on the type of personal injury, the most common are automobile accident cases. So, for automobile accident cases, the things that you really would need to bring would include the police report, any medical treatment records that you may have for treatment that you have received up to the point of the appointment, along with your insurance card, any information you have as to claim numbers, adjusters’ names, phone numbers of adjusters and the names of any witnesses.

As it relates to other injury type cases, again, it is similar. You would want to have the names of any witnesses and any reports filled out. If you tripped in a store and you filled out a report, you are going to want a copy of the report that was filled out. You are going to want to bring any photos taken at the accident. Specifically with slip and fall and trip and fall cases, it is very important, if at all possible, to try and get a photo of where you tripped or where you slipped because, often, the conditions that created you to fall are going to be changed. Either something on the ground is going to be swept up or a board sticking up is going to be fixed, and that no longer is going to be a piece of evidence, unless a picture is taken of it. Those are the type of pieces of information would be vital to a first meeting.

What does the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, offer that makes you stand apart in personal injury?

In the realm of personal injury, what really makes us stand apart the most is that Keith Bregoff worked for an insurance company for 11 years handling every different type of personal injury case, from the other side. He knows how the insurance company is going to approach a case. He knows where they are going to look to find weaknesses in the injured party’s case, where they may deny certain allegations, and how they will proceed. Most importantly, with the insurance companies, you need to substantiate what you are alleging. Unless they have worked for the insurance company, many attorneys will send in documentation, which clearly, if you are looking at it from the insurance side and being asked to pay a large sum of money, is going to be inadequate. Mr. Bregoff has experience working on the other side.

When our firm does what is called a demand to try and settle a case, all the holes and gaps and questions that we know the insurance company is going to try to argue are going to be addressed so that they do not become issues in the case. That is just from year after year after year of experience seeing every scenario that insurance companies use and argue that continues to this day. By at least addressing those issues ahead of time, it puts the insurance company in a much different posture on how they will move forward with your case.

Then the last thing is, which we feel is the most important, is that Mr. Bregoff deals with every single client personally. He picks and chooses his cases. When he takes the case, he takes the case knowing that he is going to be the one who is going to contact the client personally. Mr. Bregoff is the one who is going to be the only one to converse with the insurance company; and he is going to be the only one to deal with the insurance defense attorney.

We think that makes a large difference in the case because it is the personal injury attorney who is putting the face on what the case is, and the person’s injuries, and how they are affected by them. It will not be an assistant who will deal with some of these issues. It will always be Mr. Bregoff dealing directly with the opposing side. Our firm feels that it is important to always deal with clients directly, not through the secretary, not through the paralegal, but through our attorney.

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