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Three Practical Reasons To Hire a Vero Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

Partnering with a Florida personal injury attorney comes from necessity, which means you or someone you love has been hurt in a car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian accident and need help pursuing financial recovery from the negligent party who caused the crash.

At the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, our personal injury lawyer in Vero Beach establishes a proven approach to pursuing compensation from the negligent party, so our clients can concentrate on their medical care, rehabilitation, and therapy needs while we focus on creating financial solutions for their unique cases.

While personal injury victims can pursue a claim on their own, partnering with an experienced attorney creates practical solutions to improve the outcome. Here’s why.

We Remove the Insurance Company’s Ability to Undervalue or Deny Your Claim

When a negligent driver causes an accident with injuries, their insurance company will do everything possible to undervalue or deny the claim altogether.

Whether it is through letters that are weighed down by confusing legal jargon or phone calls requesting redundant information to provide even more proof that the accident was their client’s fault, their overall goal is to drag the process out and pay little to nothing in the end.

The insurance company will continue their stance for as long as they can, which will lead to frustrated and emotional responses that can keep you from healing properly. After all, when you are worried about how you are going to pay for your medical care, lost wages, and additional expenses, you cannot focus on getting the care you need.

When you partner with our experienced personal injury attorney in Vero Beach, we know exactly what paperwork to provide, and each of the filing deadlines associated with their submission. We will list your financial demands — and the documentation to support that figure — in our claim, so you can focus on your physical recovery while we establish your overall financial requirements.

We Boost Your Negotiating Position to Increase the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

Before our Vero Beach personal injury lawyer submits your claim to the insurance company, we will thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident, review any witness statements and police reports, employ specialists to boost your claim, and outline your complete injury needs to ensure no detail is left to chance in our demand for the best financial recovery available for your unique case.

Our personal injury attorney in Vero Beach will aggressively pursue results through negotiations, so we can establish an agreeable settlement that fits your needs — while including you in each step of the process, so you always know where your case stands.

If we are unable to secure the settlement that you deserve, and negotiations breakdown as a result, we will pursue your financial goals inside the courtroom.

If Negotiations Fail, We Will Prepare Your Case For an Effective Jury Trial

Very few personal injury cases are decided inside the courtroom, but there is always the possibility that the insurance company will press their luck by rejecting the settlement amounts our clients deserve.

When that happens, our clients can rest assured that we are ready to litigate their case to maximize their financial recovery.

For over a decade, our Vero Beach personal injury lawyer, Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., was an attorney for the second-largest insurance company in the country.

Since gaining that invaluable experience on the other side of the courtroom, we have spent 25 years putting that knowledge to use protecting the rights of clients who have been hurt by another’s negligent actions or inactions.

Our experienced Vero Beach personal injury lawyer anticipates each move the insurance company will make, so we can stay ahead of their responses and expedite results for our clients.

Contact our experienced Vero Beach personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, P.A. to discuss the details of your claim today by calling (772) 492-8967 to schedule a free consultation. We are here to help produce results, so you can get your life back on track.

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