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Ten Common Personal Injury Legal Queries

Accidents on the road can happen when least expected. If you are injured due to the fault of another person or party, you may be concerned about recovering compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and other damages as a result of an accident. Here are the top ten most frequently asked injury questions that can help you determine your next steps after an incident.

Most Frequently Asked Questions after an Accident

1. How much compensation can I recover against the party responsible?

There is no exact formula for determining the amount of compensation due to an injured party. Compensation for personal injury is closely linked to the type of injury sustained and the circumstances of the case, in addition to the payment for medical expenses, lost earnings, and car repairs. For severe accidents, Florida Statutes allow an injured party to recover medical costs beyond the limits of their own personal insurance protection (PIP) coverage from the party who is responsible for their injuries.

2. The insurance company adjuster or the other party to the accident has provided medical and property damage releases for my signature. Is it all right to sign them without an attorney?

Avoid signing any document relating to releases for medical records or property damage without first consulting a lawyer. Any of these documents may prevent you from recovering the full value of compensation should you later learn the true extent of your injuries or property damage.

3. What should I look for when hiring a personal injury attorney to help me with my accident case?

Choose an attorney with extensive experience in personal injury cases, preferably one who has handled claims with big insurance companies. An attorney who has handled thousands of cases similar to your situation will know how to handle big insurance companies, which are known to deny claims or minimize the value of an injured party’s claim.

4. The hospital is billing me for medical expenses related to my accident, but I do not have health insurance. Will my unpaid medical bills ruin my credit?

Unpaid medical bills can have a negative impact on your credit history. Our firm can talk to medical providers and assure them that they will get paid out of your injury claim. This assurance is ordinarily enough for the medical providers to stop the harassing calls and wait for payment, so your credit is not ruined in the meantime.

5. A friend caused a car accident which resulted in my injuries. Is there a way for me to get compensation without causing financial difficulties for my friend?

Your friend will most likely have auto insurance which protects him or her from experiencing financial difficulties in case of an accident. If a friend caused your accident, you can recover full compensation by presenting a claim with your friend’s auto insurance.

6. Can I still recover compensation when the person responsible for my accident does not have auto insurance? What should I do?

Insurance policies typically contain various terms and conditions, including uninsured motorist’s coverage that allows injured motorists to claim compensation when the other party does not have insurance or is underinsured. Each insurance policy is different, so our experienced lawyers will examine your policy and determine all your legal options for obtaining compensation.

7. I received a settlement offer from the insurance company but how can I tell if I’m receiving the right value of my injury claim?

That kind of knowledge can only come from long years of experience in handling injury claims, litigating cases, and obtaining compensation for injured victims. Our firm has handled thousands of injury cases, providing us with valuable insight in determining the right value of an injury claim.

8. Will hiring an attorney mean that my case will go to trial?

Not all claims go to trial before the injured party can receive compensation. Our firm has been able to recover compensation for our clients without the cases getting to court.

9. Can the insurance company set limits for the medical treatment that I receive?

An injured party is legally entitled to receive reasonable medical care for injuries arising from the accident. A problem may arise when the insurance adjuster argues about the cause of a claimant’s injuries and what is considered reasonable medical care. Insurance adjusters will typically try to minimize the financial impact of an injured party’s claims by setting limits on the medical care reasonably needed by the injured party. It’s important to have an attorney who can guide you through medical treatment so you don’t make the mistakes that the insurance adjuster is looking for.

10. According to the insurance company, I do not need an attorney in order to resolve my case. Is this correct?

While you can settle an injury claim without an attorney, it would be to your best advantage to have one by your side to help you obtain the full value of compensation that you legally deserve. A study of injury settlements conducted by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) showed that claimants who hired an attorney received three and a half times more money in settlements than those who did not have a lawyer throughout the claims process.

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