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Why Are Commercial Truck Accidents Different Than Other Florida Traffic Collisions?

For more than 25 years, our Vero Beach personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA has successfully represented clients who have been hurt by another driver’s negligence, and there is one thing we know for sure: Crashes involving large trucks and other commercial vehicles are different than other traffic collisions.

Because of the size, weight, and force that occurs when semi-trucks, large delivery vehicles, or cargo carriers collide with a much smaller passenger vehicle, they are more likely to result in serious injuries.

Unfortunately, they are more complicated in other ways, too, which causes significant recovery challenges when injury victims attempt to pursue financial compensation on their own.

Complications Continue After the Commercial Truck Accidents Occur

Sorting through the details of a commercial truck collision in Florida starts with addressing the severe injuries that occurred during the crash by determining the overall medical requirements our clients will endure to regain the quality of life they enjoyed before the accident.

While our clients focus on their physical and emotional recovery, our Vero Beach truck accident attorney will begin our investigation to determine whether the truck driver, trucking company or another third party — or combination of parties — is responsible for the crash.

Our experienced Vero Beach truck collision lawyer will collect the necessary evidence and witness statements while employing accident reconstruction experts and other specialists who will help build our case against the at-fault party or parties if we establish more than one person or company can be held accountable for the negligence that caused the crash.

We work quickly and tirelessly to establish the necessary information to thoroughly build our clients’ cases because the insurance company will assign a representative to aggressively mitigate their liability.

It is our duty to outline the evidence that will give our clients the leverage they need to pursue the best financial outcome available for their unique injuries.

Determining Negligence When Commercial Truck Accidents Cause Severe Injuries

Catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, often occur when a large commercial truck collides with a passenger vehicle.

The causes of these collisions can be far-reaching, which makes it hard for injury victims to identify the at-fault party without an experienced attorney by their side.

Obvious truck accident causes like a visibly intoxicated truck driver may seem like an open and shut case when law enforcement officials arrive on the scene of the collision. But what if the cause of the crash is the trucking company’s negligent hiring practices? What if there was a mechanical failure caused by a recalled part that was never replaced? How will an injury victim hold both the driver and the trucking company responsible for their negligence when each has its own insurance company and supporting legal teams?

Our Auto Accident Attorneys Vero Beach knows the specific laws governing commercial vehicles and commercial vehicle drivers, and we will hold each party accountable for their negligence, so each of our clients can pursue the best financial outcome available for their unique case.

Have You or Someone You Love Been Hurt In A Florida Truck Accident?

Contact the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA today to discuss your injuries with our experienced County Personal Injury Attorneys Vero Beach by calling (575) 526-5263 to schedule a free consultation. We will outline your case and provide straightforward solutions to holding the negligent party responsible for your financial recovery, so you can move forward with confidence.

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