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Former Insurance Company Attorney with Over 25 Years of Trial Experience

The Opposing Side's Knowledge Working for You


  • We are very happy to have found Keith Bregoff, he is informative and very helpful with the process. Even when things seemed very complicated and surprises arose, Keith Bregoff guided us through all the questions with great patience and professionalism. Thank you Keith Bregoff!!

    John Quincy A.
  • 100% trustworthy and reliable. Highly recommend, great results.

    Maria S.
  • I live in Vero Beach and was dreading having to go back to Florida to face possession charges. Turns out it only took a phone call to John Jongeward along with a few emails and signatures. Everything is working out just as I had hoped and John had expected. It’s looking like the case will be dismissed in the coming weeks. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Keith Bregoff

    Adams S.
  • Friendly and professional staff, always courteous, I am definitely grateful to have worked with the Keith Bregoff Attorney. I have consulted with the firm a few times in the past. I really enjoy how personable their service is. I never felt like I was just another client. Each time I worked with the firm, I was able to utilize information, and make a proper decision. I would definitely refer this Law Firm!!! Would definitely recommend to others!

    Lars A.
  • Keith has been an outstanding attorney ! Not only has he been able to recover a full tender of not one but two policies in my unfortunate accident but he has remained in contact with me throughout the entire process! I have never had an issue contacting him at any time in reference to any situation ! After my experience with his offices and service I will never look too any other law office for any case or situation !!! Thank you for all of your help Keith !!!

    Gary Baker
  • Keith did a wonderful job representing my wife after a serious accident! We couldn’t be more pleased with his service and. attention. Thanks Keith.

    Chris Boyce
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