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The Importance of Evidence in Your Personal Injury Case

Even when legal responsibility for an accident appears crystal clear, it isn’t easy to get the responsible party to admit fault, or to obtain the full amount in damages that you deserve for your injuries. In cases where the value of your claim is in dispute, it can help to have clear and objective evidence that proves what happened on the day of an accident, and why it should entitle you to compensation after a Florida accident. Read on to learn about the significant role that evidence plays in a Florida personal injury claim, and contact a Vero Beach personal injury attorney with additional questions.

Key evidence that can make or break a claim for damages

There are certain forms of evidence that every personal injury claimant will need in order to succeed on a claim for money damages, even if the claim is settled out of court. These forms of evidence include:

  • Records of doctors’ visits and medical expenses: If you’re seeking compensation for your medical costs after an accident, you’ll need to provide thorough documentation of what your medical care has cost you. Keep records of all your visits to the doctor, any medical bills you’ve received, and receipts from medical equipment or prescription purchases.
  • Evidence from the scene of the accident: There are important signs of what caused your injuries at the scene of your accident. If you were involved in a car accident, photographs of the damage to the cars involved or of other physical damage at the scene can help insurance carriers, judges and juries determine who was at fault. If you were hurt in a trip-and-fall, then photos of what caused you to fall will support your version of events.
  • Eyewitness testimony: Witnesses who saw your accident can provide invaluable support for your version of events. Be sure to speak to anyone who may have seen your accident and get their contact information in case you need eyewitness support for an eventual personal injury lawsuit.
  • Expert testimony and accident recreation: In some cases, you’ll need advanced technical evidence to prove what happened during an accident and why you should be entitled to the money damages you’re seeking. A lawyer can assist you in finding the right technical experts to testify to how an accident occurred, how your injuries have affected you, or why a defective product caused your injuries.

Victims must act quickly to prevent evidence destruction after an accident. By contacting a Florida accident lawyer as soon as possible after you’re hurt, you’ll get help in collecting critical evidence to support your claims.

For assistance in seeking damages after a Florida accident, contact the skilled and knowledgeable Indian River County personal injury lawyer The Law Office of Keith Bregoff in Stuart at 772-492-8967.

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