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Importance of Criminal Defense Attorney in Marijuana Trafficking Case

Sheriff’s deputies of St. Lucie County recently arrested and charged a man for various drug crimes after a search of a residence along Dunn Road. Deputies obtained a search warrant to enter and search the premises where they allegedly found marijuana plants and over 33 pounds of harvested marijuana. The defendant was charged as a suspect in the drug crimes of marijuana trafficking, marijuana production, possession of drug equipment, and marijuana possession.

Florida Drug Crime Statute

Section 895.135 of the 2015 Florida Statutes punishes ‘trafficking in cannabis’ as a first degree felony. Under the drug statute, a person may be liable for trafficking in cannabis (also known as marijuana) when he/she knowingly sells, manufactures, purchases, delivers, or brings into the state, or when he/she knowingly possesses more than 25 pounds of marijuana.

The penalties for this felony and other drug crimes ordinarily include mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment and steep fines.

Other substances prohibited under Florida Statutes include cocaine, morphine, opium, hydro morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and methamphetamine. The range of penalties for drug crimes will vary depending on the quantity of the prohibited substances that are involved in the case.

Role of Criminal Lawyer

Being charged with drug crimes is a serious matter that can lead to a derogatory record and loss of freedom, but importantly anyone charged with such a crime has the right to defend himself or herself against those charges.

As a defendant in a criminal case, you may be entitled to criminal defenses that can result in the dismissal of the charges, reduction of the offenses charged or in the penalty. An experienced criminal defense attorney can examine the charges against you, study all angles of the case, weigh the evidence against you, and implement an effective criminal defense strategy for your case.

In Vero Beach and Stuart, Florida, The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff have more than 23 years of litigation experience. Fighting for the rights of clients who are facing criminal charges, Attorney Keith Bregoff brings with him years of valuable experience as a lead prosecutor which enables him to anticipate legal maneuvers of the prosecution, to the advantage of the defendant.

We handle criminal defenses in a wide range of cases from first degree felonies, second degree and third-degree felonies through to misdemeanors. We welcome your call to our offices today at (772) 492-8967 to speak to an attorney about your situation.

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