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Filmmaker’s Family Files Wrongful Death Suit for Diving Death in Florida

Florida has some of the best scuba spots in the U.S., attracting many local and foreign divers to its waters every year. While the depths of the sea offer amazing views, divers face serious physical and health risks such as drowning.

Florida Diving Incident

Just recently, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed in connection with a diving death while filming a documentary on sharks. The case stemmed from an incident off the island of Islamorada in Florida where the decedent was diving in order to film a documentary about shark hunting and its impact on the ocean’s ecosystem. The decedent, a Canadian filmmaker and conservationist, was accompanied to the site of the wreck of the Queen of Nassau by a dive organizer. The wreck was located about six miles from the coast of Islamorada and submerged in about 230 feet of water.

The wrongful death lawsuit alleged that the decedent and the dive organizer went down to the wreck three times in order to remove a grappling hook that was linked to a surface buoy used for marking the location of the wreck. Both divers surfaced together after the third dive but showed signs of breathing difficulties. The lawsuit alleged that while the other members of the dive organizing company treated the dive organizer, the decedent was allowed to slip away. The filmmaker didn’t make it back on board and his submerged body was found three days later after the coast guard and other agencies conducted a massive search of the area where he was last seen.

The decedent’s family maintains that the lawsuit is intended to deter similar incidents arising from the irresponsible operation of diving businesses. Defendants in the lawsuit include two companies involved in the dive and the dive organizer who accompanied the decedent as he went down to the dive site.

Claiming Wrongful Death Compensation

In Florida, the estate of the deceased person may file a civil lawsuit seeking damages for the death arising from the negligence or wrongdoing of another party. While the lawsuit is filed by the estate’s personal representative, the case is filed on behalf of the estate and any surviving family member of the decedent.

In this type of case, the qualified heirs may be able to recover monetary compensation for:

  • Lost support
  • Loss of companionship
  • Medical and funeral expenses

If you lost a loved one due to the fault or negligence of another person or entity, it’s important to discuss your legal options with a Vero Beach Wrongful Death attorney.

In Stuart, Florida, the law offices of Keith Bregoff PA has over 23 years of litigation experience, helping clients manage the loss of a loved one by obtaining the compensation that they legally deserve.

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