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Avoiding Felony Gun Charges for the Sale of a Firearm


Over the last few years, the Federal government has made it more difficult for individuals to purchase guns in Florida. These laws have put a number of restrictions on the sale of guns in terms of how they are sold and who can purchase them. As a result, it is important that firearm purchases follow the law to avoid potential firearm and gun charges.

According to Florida law, it is a felony for a firearm to be sold or delivered to a person without conducting a check into the person’s criminal history. Additionally, licensed retailers who do not observe the 3-day period between a handgun purchase and the delivery of the handgun could also face felony charges.

Confusing Federal Gun Laws

The federal laws regarding gun sales have muddied the waters regarding gun sales. It is important to not that some of the laws do not apply to private sales while some apply to all types of sales.

For firearm’s dealers, it is important to ensure that:

  • You have obtained a completed form from the buyer, inspecting the photograph for proper identification
  • You call the FDLE to request a check of the information as reported in the crime information centers for both Florida and Nationally
  • That you receive an approval number that is recorded on the form along with the date that you received the approval

Additionally, the counties in Florida are allowed to have their own sets of rules in addition to the Florida Laws to regulate gun sales. These individual county rules are different from county to county and require an attorney who is familiar with the various policies throughout Florida to properly assist you in your defense.

If You’ve Been Charged with Gun Crimes

In order to avoid potential criminal charges and to protect yourself, either as the buyer or the seller of a weapon, it is important that you understand the gun laws in Florida and that you follow the law. If you have been charged with gun crimes, then we urge you to seek the help of an attorney well versed in defencing such charges.

Attorney Keith Bregoff has such experience. If you have been charged with a gun crime in Florida, we invite you to call the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff to receive a free initial consultation at (772) 492-8967.

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