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Car Accidents on the Interstate 95 in Florida

The Interstate 95 running through Florida is notorious for severe car accidents. Several collisions have already been reported in the first half of September this year, some of which occurred just within an hour of the other.

Just recently, a tractor-trailer that crashed into some stopped vehicles along the Interstate 95 caused a chain of crashes involving at least 20 vehicles behind it, killing 1 person and injuring 13 others. News reports said that the 26-vehicular crash transpired just after another crash had occurred on the same road.

In Florida, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles said that to date, a total of 272,303 vehicular incidents have been recorded this year. These crashes have injured 172,011 and killed 1,993 people. Given the frequency of car collisions on Florida roadways, anyone who is injured in an accident due to another party’s fault or negligence may be concerned with claiming compensation that can cover all their medical bills, time lost at work, as well as for their pain and suffering.

Claiming Compensation

Florida law requires every motor vehicle owner to have in effect at the time of the crash auto insurance that will answer for any bodily injury or property damage that they have caused. If you are severely injured, talk to an attorney as soon as you receive appropriate treatment for your injuries. With an experienced Vero Beach car accident attorney The Law Office of Keith Bregoff by your side, you can direct an injury claim against the insurance company of the party at fault.

Importance of Car Accident Lawyer

Getting the full value of compensation can be a challenge if you deal with the insurance adjuster on your own. First, the claims process will involve the submission of various documents to establish your injuries and the cause of your injuries. The insurance company will not always recognize all the claimed injuries and may try to settle your claim by offering you a minimal amount. Without any experience in handling insurance claims, you may be convinced to accept the settlement amount and later find yourself unable to pay for all your medical bills which are the direct result of the accident.

An experienced insurance attorney firm, The Law Office of Keith Bregoff knows how much your case is worth and will fight very hard for you to receive the full value that you legally deserve. Our firm as well can help you recover compensation even when the other party does not have auto insurance coverage.

To learn more about how we can help you, call us today at (772) 492-8967. Our friendly Vero Beach personal injury attorneys will evaluate your case during a free consultation.

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