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Important Questions To Ask Your Criminal Attorney Stuart Florida

If you are in need of a criminal attorney Stuart Florida The Law Office of Keith Bregoff, you will need to have a list of questions to make sure you are getting the best defense possible. Regardless of the crime you have been charged with, there are some standard questions that will help you understand the system better and get you on the same page as your lawyer.

The first question you might want to have on your list is whether or not you can do anything yourself to help the situation. Ask if there are any steps you can take to help reduce your sentence or gain a not guilty verdict. If you need to change aspects of your life, your appearance and the people you surround yourself with, your lawyer will be able to advise you properly. You should always heed the advice of your attorney. If you do not trust their advice, they should not be representing you.

Ask your lawyer if you can bring anything to court with you that will help him, the judge, jury or defense team in any way. Any old court documents, pictures, letters, notes, videos and other possible evidence of innocence should be produced.

Third, you should find out if your attorney has reviewed all the evidence supplied by the prosecutor. Understanding what is being brought against you, in full, will help you and your lawyer develop a good defense strategy. Choose a strategy together, one that appears to have the most successful result for you. You should not hesitate to ask your lawyer any and all questions you might have. You should always strive to stay on top of your case yourself. You do not want to have a negative outcome and then realize it was the fault of poor legal advise or inept lawyers.

Ask also whether or not a trial would be better or a plea bargain would be more appropriate. If your lawyer has reviewed all plea bargain offers and discussed them with you, you should be knowledgeable yourself whether or not a trial would have a more successful outcome for you.

You should find out not only what evidence is being placed against you but also who the witnesses are and what witnesses you should bring to the trial. Discuss with your attorney who would be appropriate to speak in your defense, and who will be believable on the stand.

Make sure your lawyer is aware that all procedures that were supposed to be followed by the police and investigating detectives was followed completely. Protocol must be maintained and the proper investigative procedures should have been followed, including reading Miranda rights. Ask whether or not there are any alternatives to going to jail. This includes possibilities like work-release programs, probation, home detention or community service.

Ask your criminal attorney Vero Beach & Stuart Florida every question you have about your trial and the proceedings. Stay on top of what is going on. If you feel confused, ask for help from your lawyer so that you will understand what is happening from the beginning of the trial to the end.

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