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Category Archives: Dog Bite

What is a Dog Owner’s Responsibility in Preventing a Dog Bite in Florida?

By Keith Bregoff |

Finding yourself on the receiving end of a dog bite can be a traumatic experience that leads to physical injuries and emotional distress. As a law firm dedicated to championing the rights of dog bite victims, The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff in Florida recognizes the importance of understanding a dog owner’s responsibilities in preventing… Read More »

Are Dog Bites Becoming More Common in Florida?

By Keith Bregoff |

In recent years, Florida has experienced a noticeable increase in reported dog bite incidents. This has sparked concerns among residents and legal professionals alike. The rising number of these incidents raises questions about the factors contributing to this trend and the legal implications for dog owners. Here, we will explore the current state of… Read More »

What are Florida’s Dog Bite Laws?

By Keith Bregoff |

Every year thousands of people in Florida are bitten by dogs, and these bites can result in severe injuries and even death. Florida has strict laws in place to hold dog owners responsible for the actions of their pets. Understanding Florida’s dog bite laws is essential if you are a dog owner or a… Read More »

Can I Pursue Compensation for the Emotional Trauma Caused by a Dog Bite in Florida?

By Keith Bregoff |

At the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, P.A. our personal injury attorney in Vero Beach understands that many different types of accidents can cause emotional trauma, including car accidents, motorcycle collisions, and even dog bites or attacks. The State of Florida allows individuals to pursue damages for physical and emotional distress — with limitations — through a… Read More »

Young Children are at a Greater Risk for Serious Dog Bite Injuries

By Keith Bregoff |

The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, our Vero Beach, Florida dog bite attorneys represent individuals and families who have suffered injuries sustained by a dog. Whether a dog bites once, or during a sustained attack, the injuries can be devastating — especially when it is a child who has been bitten. According to… Read More »

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